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Activities in 2016


Millers applies to appeal the OMB decision. They must get permission to proceed to an appeal hearing. FACT, with the help of CELA, and the township will oppose this application.

McNab Braeside Township turned down FACT's request for funding for our costs at the OMB hearing, despite the fact that we paid for the key witnesses for the township's case at OMB, and despite what a loss would cost the township in terms of lower property taxes due to lower assessments on surrounding properties. For more details read the Letter to the Editor here.

FACT-MB are News Makers of the Year according to the Arnprior Chronical Guide. Read the Article

Activities in 2015
OCTOBER FACT-MB Inc. Wins against Miller Group at OMB

FACT-MB Inc. is ecstatic! The Ontario Municipal Board decision by Marc Denhez has come out clearly on the side of the Community.

There will be NO Permanent Asphalt Plant in the Braeside Quarry! Proper setbacks to residents’ property lines must be kept as the quarry expands. The Township Noise By-Law will be upheld. The Wildlife Corridor will be included with the Wildlife Protection Area and a new zoning classification will be made to protect them both. This 58 page decision contains much careful detail to protect this community, but still allow the quarry to expand. Click to Read The OMB Decision, The FACT-MB Press release and the CELA Press Release

FACT-MB has asked McNab-Braeside council for reembursement of our costs to go to OMB Click for details

March 2015 The Culmination of 9 years of our battle. click here to Read a report of the OMB HEARING

In January 2015, a new Council passed Bylaw 2015-03 which gave the Golf Club Road residents a 300 m buffer on Miller property but still left the zoning as aggregate reserve. So FACT-MB appealed both the original Bylaw from 2013 and the new bylaw to try to get protective zoning, such as ‘Environmentally Protected’ for the alvar and the 300 m buffer. All the appellants were on the same side as the Township in opposing the permanent asphalt plant and wanting a 300 m buffer between residents and the class III industry of the quarry. Miller appealed, wanting the permanent asphalt plant and the huge expansion.

Activities in 2014

Fall 2014 : Preparation for mediation sessions which Millers never agreed to participate in, and preparation for the OMB hearing in March 2015

Summer of 2014 : Various fundrailsing activities.

In June, 2013, McNab/Braeside Council voted against the permanent asphalt plant but gave Miller an enormous expansion, as much as 200 years’ worth of aggregate at the expense of the residents of Golf Club Road, giving Miller 150 m of residents’ property as a buffer for their Class III industry. FACT-MB Inc. took the municipality to the OMB to support John Kerr and David Simek, Golf Club Road property owners, in their appeal of Bylaw 2013-31. This Bylaw had also left all the Miller property zoned as EMR or aggregate reserve which could be extracted later, thus destroying the globally rare alvar.

What: FACT-MB Information Meeting
When: Wed. July 30, 7:30 PM
Where: Arnprior Golf Clubhouse Lounge - cash bar
Why: Share facts about our community appeal of the Township By-law 2013-31 giving Miller a huge quarry expansion infringing on our property rights. We have asked for mediation. Learn how this affects you!


•Water - quantity and quality will be affected; our hydrogeologist says it is only a matter of time. What will you do?
•Air quality - noxious chemicals from a permanent asphalt plant. How close are you? Are you downwind?
•Blasting accidents in the past - Are you safe?
•Financial Impact Study - Property values will continue to plummet. This affects the whole Township. What will you do?
•Globally rare alvar - our natural heritage will be destroyed. This can never be replaced.


June 1 FASHION SHOW AUCTION Fundraiser SUNDAY, JUNE 1 Starting at 1:30 pm ARNPRIOR GOLF CLUBHOUSE ALL SEASONS, ALL SIZES YOUNG and MATURE New, Quality Fashions Designers such as Lauren, Nygard, Melani, Jones NY, DKNY, and more See the flyer.

May 2014. Stop Expansion and Industrialization of Braeside Quarry!

Read the flyer describing the current situation.

January 29, 2014 - The Pre Hearing Conference was held in the McNab/Braeside Council Chambers. Besides those residents appealing the Municipal By-Law 2013-31, Miller appealed the By-Law so they could have standing at the hearing and also appealed the Council's decision not to allow them to install a permanent asphalt plant in the Braeside Quarry. The Council Chambers were packed by residents interested in Conference results. Issues, witnesses and participants were listed for the actual OMB hearing.

Because of reduction of OMB personnel, the actual hearing date was set for March 2, 2015.
Activities in 2013

November 7, 2013 - The Canadian Environmental Law Association took on FACT-MB Inc. as clients for the OMB appeal. CELA is a non-profit, public interest organization representing people or communities who do not have funds to fight their own legal environmental battles. There are only four lawyers in Ontario and two will represent our group at OMB pro bono. Read the Press Release.

October 2013 - Residents became aware, that the area termed by MNR as probably provincially significant wetlands were in fact dry! Read the Press Release.

On August 15, 2013, Justice Martin James of the Ontario Divisional Court upheld the decision of Deputy Judge Rod Sauriol of the Renfrew Small Claims Court, November 4, 2011, finding Miller guilty of nuisance. Neighbours filed a suit in January 2010 after suffering adverse effects from a temporary asphalt plant installed in the Braeside Quarry, September 2009. Read the Press Release.

July 8, 2013, FACT-MB Inc filed an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board of By-Law 2013-31, (above). It was also appealed by John Kerr and David Simek, property owners affected on the Golf Club Road. Read the Press Release.

Tuesday July 2nd
A motion to amend the expansion bylaw was brought forward. Bob Campbell voted in error in the first place, thinking he was voting for 300m to the property line; The planners report allows quarrying to within 180m of the rear of the Golf Club Rd properties.
Three others would not let the reason for bringing the motion forward even be discussed!!!!
Those three councillors were; Brad McIlquahm, Aldene Styles, and Christine Blimkie!!!
The original motion seems to have mysteriously changed from 'what the Council voted on as Bruce Howarth's recommendations' to 'what Miller wanted in the first place'!!!
These Council members have deliberately and viciously voted to harm the people of McNab/Braeside living near this quarry!!!

Tuesday June 18th

June 18th 2013, Council passed By-Law 2013-31 giving Miller all the area they had requested for their expansion, expanding to within 150 m of residents' property lines. This meant that the 300 m buffer required for Class III industry would actually be half on neighbours' property rather than Miller's property as is required.
Council did not grant Miller's request for a permanent asphalt plant.
Voting against the plant: Mayor Campbell, Councillor McIlquaham and Councillor Campbell
Voting for the plant Deputy Mayor Blimkie and Councillor Styles
2) Council voted on the other expansion plans as recommended in the Township Planner's report.
Voting for the expansion: Deputy Mayor Blimkie, Councillor Styles, Councillor McIlquaham and Councillor Campbell
Voting against the expansion: Mayor Campbell

June 13th McNab-Braeside teenager Traleena Rouleau, who opposes the proposal to expand operations and add an asphalt plant at the Braeside Quarry, tapes her mouth shut to drive home her contention that township council has not given youth a proper chance to express their views.

May 27th The MOE Releases a report which expresses concern about water contamination and water quantity for the residents.

May 27th. MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) OBJECTS TO THE EXPANSION. They found multitude of errors and omissions to several of the studies. Read their letter.

Responses to Technical Questions by Miller's consultants, the peer reviewers, MOE and MNR. These are answers to some questions posed by council or by the public.

May : Traleena Rouleau, a local resident and high school student, started a "Say NO" campaign at the high school, gathered over 500 signatures on a petition against the quarry expansion and created a video which you can view on YouTube at : :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YK-Q_SWT7k
Traleena wanted to show the council and the attending public the video after the May 21st planning meeting but was denied permission.

The public meeting was a huge success, with more than 200 people attending. Many people spoke eloquently against the expansion proposal, and none supported it. Read the Press Release.

Public meetings date changes : It had been Mon., Tues., Thurs. May 6, 7, and 9th. It has been changed so that there are three consecutive days, May 6, 7, and 8th if needed. Times have not changed.

Give your opinion to council, and hear experts and your neighbours thoughts at the Public meetings to review the Miller proposal. Tentative schedule is Monday May 6th, 6-10 PM, and if required, May 7th and 9th SEE NOTE ABOVE at Our Lady of Perpetual Help church hall, 903 River Rd, Braeside. Air Emissions expert Dr Henry Cole and Hydrogeologist Wilf Ruland will make presentations about the serious flaws they found in the Miller studies.

EVENT MOVED TO MAY 6TH : (this was previously on April 9th) Hydrogeologist Wilf Ruland, (read his CV) who has spent more than 100 hours reviewing the quarry documents, will make a presentation to council. Read his a summary of his preliminary findings.

Feb 21st A news story about 5 families living near a bitument facility. Families abandon homes near Alberta bitumen facility

Feb 20th Read two documents about the Health Effects of Asphalt and Asphalt Plant Pollution, which include references.

Feb 9th Emissions Expert Henry Cole reviews the Millers studies and finds some serious flaws.

Feb 9th MimicoNeighbours Fight Cement Plant Read about the issues surrounding a cement plant in a residential area.

Jan 19th, 2013 : Severe fire at Oshawa Asphalt plant closes area businsses and toxic smoke emissions threaten neighbours' health. 12 hours after it started "...nine trucks and nearly 40 firefighters were still working to extinguish the large fire..." To read more and see the video click here. This is important to you because of the Miller proposal to put a permanent plant in the Braeside Quarry.
Possible effects if there is a fire:

-surface water contamination;
-groundwater contamination;
-hundreds of homes exposed to cancer-causing chemicals;
-lots of children near this plant;
-Ottawa River contamination;
-alvar destruction, wildlife (flora and fauna);
-contamination of farmers' crops and animal feed.

McNab-Braeside Council has tentatively scheduled special public meetings to review the Miller proposal.

January 15th, 2013 3-6 PM 4 studies : Traffic, Blasting, Noise and Air
February 12th, 2013 3-6 PM 3 studies : Hydrology, Hydrogeology and Natural Environment
March 12th, 2013 3-6 PM Planner's report and time as required.

These meeting are open to the public. The county planner is the speaker. Understand that these meeting are not for public comments. Public meetings will be held some time after March 12th. The dates will be posted here as soon as they are available.

Activities in 2012

December : Fundraising required for Consultant fees. Please contribute what you can.

November A Flyer was distributed to 750 addresses in RR#1 Braeside, regarding the expansion.

November : Millers application for permanent asphalt plant and expansion completed. Residents want to hear from the peer reviewers. Read Letter to the Editor

March : Braeside Residents launch 30 lawsuits against Millers over asphalt plant emissions in 2010 and 2011.

Millers appeals 2011 Court judgement. This will be heard in court early in 2013.

Activities in 2011

November 2011 Braeside Residents win their lawsuit, and are awarded monitary compensation. Read the judgement here

August 2011 Braeside Ridge vs. Miller Trial Update : Press Release & Letter to the Editor

Press Release : Braeside Ridge Residents Suit Against Miller: Update.

Braeside Quarry Neighbours Tell McNab/Braeside Council of Adverse Effects.

Activities in 2010

On Jan 15 a lawsuit against Miller Group Inc. was launched in Provincil court in Renfrew Ontario. Read the Press Release.
Activities in 2009
The temporary asphalt plant ran in the fall of 2009. . THIS POSES AN IMMANENT DANGER. 1 litre of spilled gasoline can contaminate 1 million litres of water! Read more, and find the names of who to complain to here.
Communication Activities   Presentations and Studies

Read a letter from Millers to quarry neighbours, and a letter that clarifies some misleading information in the Miller letter. This MAP illustrates the items in the proposal.

Read a Chronical Guide Article

The council voted not to include a SWH designation for the Alvar in the new Official Plan. because of the fears of some landowners that it would impair their ability to use their land. This letter explains the designation clearly.

With the proposed expansion and industrialization of the Braeside Quarry we have become aware of the threat to our water and air quality. Read about our health concerns.

This letter to Mr. W. James Hutton, Senior Planner, Renfrew County is an example of the work we do to correct misconceptions that some officials hold. The Ministry of Natural Resources, including Mr. Mike Dumouchel, Aggregate Inspector, also received a letter.

We have collected a number of useful links related to this situation.

Here is the link to the Braeside Alvar blog at www.naturecanada.ca
Scroll down to September 8th, 2009


Wilf Ruland, MSc. in Hydrogeology (groundwater) made a presentation to FACT-MB on June 3rd, 2009, at the Arnprior Golf Course. Read a summary of his presentation.

Potential Environmental Impacts of Quarrying Stone in Karst by the US Geological Survey (a 3 Megabyte download)

Braeside Ground Water Summary

Financial Impact of the Quarry Expansion

Native Vacular Plant Statistics, to date, Braeside Alvar

Preliminary Braeside Alvar Vacular Plant List

Our email address is: info@fact-mb.org View the MNR Freedom of Information documents