FOI - MNR Ref# A-2008-00057

In 2008, FACT-MB, with the assistance of the uOttawa-Ecojustice Environmental Law Clinic and Joel Theriault, Staff Lawyer, applied to the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources of Ontario) under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, for all the data that it had gathered regarding the Braeside alvar.

MNR Alvar Data Summary

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Major Document Group Links to Files
FOI Application, appeals and other correspondence with MNR

MNR Release letter.
Index of Documents.

Pre-FOI Request    

Central Study Area
East side
East Study Area 1
East Study Area 2

Possible Alvar Limit
Surface Features 1
Surface Features 2
Surface Features 3
Surface Features 4

Recommended Natural Heritage System Components
Sullivan Parkland
West Side 1
West Side 2

Braeside McNab Official Plan (OP)

ANSI SWH designation Sep 06
Protect the Alvar May 07
Identification of SWH
OP Review Dec 06
OP Review Dec 06 Additional
OP Review Jul 07
OP Comments Sep 08

Alvar Map
Alvar VS Aggregate Oct 07
Draft SWH May 07
Request for Classification May 07
SWH Criteria

Alvar Boundary Sept 07
Alvar Deliniation May 07
Alvar Deliniation Sep 07
Alvar Mapping Protocols Dec 06
Alvar Policies in OP's Jul 07
Coulson Env Protection Notes Apr 08
MAH Importance of Alvars Nov 06
MAH Input Jul 07

McNab ANSI Request Apr 07
MNR Long Term Protection Oct 07
Newsclip Council OP May 07
OP Comments No Date
OP Draft #5 Sept 06 Part 1 Part 2
OP meeting Notes Apr
Part of OP with notes
SWH Technical Guide Jul 07
SWH Technical Guide Jul 07 Part 2

Alvar Data

Endangered Species
MNR Resource Package for McNab Mar 06
Alvar Designation Support Info May 06

Alvar Plant List
Braeside Alvar SWH Criteria Dec 06
SWH Recommendation Nov 06
Brunton Alvar Plant List Jun 04
Coulson Alvar Plant Lists May 04
Coulson Notes 2001 Part 1
Coulson Notes 2003 Part 2
Coulson Notes 2003 Part 3
Coulson Notes 2004 Part 4
Coulson Notes Part 5
MNR Purchase Alvar May 08
Moreau ANSI Nov 04

Cost to Study the Alvar
Species as Risk (Fauna) Dec05
Field Notes Jun 03
4th Chute Alvar June 05
4th Chute Alvar Plant List Oct 04
Brunton Sand Point Alvar Mar 04
ECO Region 6E SWH Feb 06
Gaweda ANSI Nov 04
Ramshead Orchids Oct 06
SandPoint Subdivision Mar 03

SandPoint Subdivision Nov 04

Sandy Hook Alvar Sep 01
Beckel Alvar Species Jun04


Publication List May 04
Alvars of Ontario
Great Lakes Alvars
Ottawa Valley Orchids

Letters of Concern Wetlands League Oct 06
Campbell Apr 06
Letters to Council Apr 06
Letters to Council May 06
Letter to MNR Apr 06
Ducks in a Row Jul 08
Thomson Botanical Sruveys Sep 06
Public Communications

IBN Braeside Quarry May 06
3 Form Letters

Moore 1
Moore 2
Moore 3
Moore 4

Vibert Sep 06  
Miller Application Agenda Pre-Application Mtg Dec 06
Pre-Application Mtg notes Dec06
Gaweda Notes Dec 06
Natural Environment Summary Dec06

Application Process Sep 07
MNR Meeting Notes Sep 07
Pre-consultation Oct 07
Review Oct 07
Preliminary EIS Quarry Oct 07
Application Report Dec 07

Bula Property

Brunton Natural Environment Assessment Jun 04

ECO Gift Jun 04
Progress Jun 04
Valuable May 04

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